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Convert JScript into Secured Executable Files

ExeScript converts JScript to EXE. Need automated, silent execution? ExeScript will do this for you. ExeScript supports a variety of scripts: Batch, VBScript, WSF, WSH, HTA, JScript, Object Rexx, PerlScript, Python, PowerShell.


Bat2Exe Overview

How to Convert JScript to EXE

JScript (JS) is available via Internet Explorer, Windows Script Host, and Active Server Pages. Besides adding client scripts to Web pages, JScript can be used for other purposes as well, for example, to automate the administration of Windows systems and create ASP pages.

The conversion of JScript to EXE will allow you not only to protect the content of the script file against being viewed, but also to execute the script in computer memory. It allows you to distribute your files to other users without letting them modify and view the contents of your scripts.

How to convert JS to EXE:

  1. Select the Project > Build command in ExeScript.
  2. Specify the name of exe file and the location where the exe file should be saved.
  3. Open the Properties Pane.
  4. Set Script type = Console for a console script.
  5. To use the ExeScript Host Technology and execute the script in memory without writing to the hard drive, set Execution Type = Compile
  6. Click the Save button.

ExeScript will convert JS to EXE and inform you about the result.

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