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ExeScript is a handy and efficient program that lets you convert Bat to Exe. Need automated, silent execution? Supporting a number of scripting and command-line languages (Batch, VBScript, WSF, WSH, HTA, JScript, Object Rexx, PerlScript, Python, PowerShell, and many other languages).


Bat to Exe Converter Overview

How to convert BAT into EXE file

A batch (bat) file contains text commands that are interpreted by a special program once the file is run. The interpreter reads commands one by one from the bat file and executes them.

Typical operations performed by bat files include operations with files, running programs, and printing or displaying text.

A considerable disadvantage of batch files is that they execute slowly because it is necessary to create new sub-processes for each of the commands.

The content of batch files is available to anyone; it is possible to edit such files in Notepad or any other text editor.

To create a bat file, start ExeScript, create a new project using File > New > Batch file. Enter the lines with commands in the script file window. Alternatively, you can open an existing bat file by selecting the File > Open... menu command.

After you prepare the script, you can convert BAT to EXE by selecting the Project > Build command. Save the exe application to the desired location.

Sample Batch to Exe Conversion

Let's look at an example of creating a simple batch script and converting it into an exe application.

  1. Create a bat project.
  2. Type the following lines in the batch script window:
    @echo How to convert BAT to EXE
  3. Select File > Save As...
  4. Set the File Type to Batch files.
  5. Type 1.bat in the File Name field.
  6. Save it in the root folder of disk C: (or wherever you like).
  7. Select Project > Run Source Raw/Uncompiled from the menu to check how the script is executed.
  8. To convert BAT to EXE, select the Project > Build command.
  9. Set the File Type to Executable files.
  10. Type 1.exe in the File Name field.
  11. Save it in the root folder of disk C: (or wherever you like).
  12. Open disk C: (or wherever you saved the application) and run the file 1.exe.

Two lines will be displayed on the screen:

How to convert bat to exe
Press any key to continue...

After you press any key, the window will be closed because the exe file finished executing.

Note that the @ character before each command in the bat file means that the command itself must not be displayed on the screen, only the result of its work must be displayed.

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