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Exe To Service

exe to service

Run Any Program as a Windows Service

With Exe To Service you can install any Windows executable (.exe), Batch (.bat, .cmd), VBScript (.vbs) or JScript (.js) file as a service. Windows services are background processes that do not interfere with the user's environment.


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Run any Windows executable, batch files, VBS and JS scripts as a Windows Service

Exe To Service runs any executable file, script or batch file such as .exe, .cmd, .bat, .vbs or .js as Windows service, giving you all benefits of the Windows service environment. Services can be installed or uninstalled, started, stopped or restarted at any time or by the schedule locally or remotely over the network. Overcome Vista User Account Control (UAC) by running your program as a privileged service. If your service fails or crashes, Exe To Service will automatically restart it to continue operation.

Run Processes in Background

Your application will run completely in background regardless of whether or not a user is logged on. You control whether users can interact with your service.

Launch with Windows

Services made with Exe To Service will launch automatically every time when Windows loads, no matter if a user logs on or not.

Remote Administration

You have full control over Windows services on local and remote PCs. Create, install, uninstall, start, stop, restart or export services on all workstations on the network without leaving a chair.

Robust Execution

Exe To Service will monitor your service, and restart it automatically if the service stops responding.

Full Control

You control whether users can interact with your service, start or stop it, install or remove it. Exe To Service runs your service with any context and with any permissions that you choose, and controls how users can interact with your service.

Running your program as a service is a perfect way to overcome Vista User Account Control (UAC), performing privileged operations without bothering the user.

What's New

The following new features have been introduced in version 3.

  • Creation of services on remote computers
  • Network maintenance and management of services
  • Event and service activity logs
  • Standard service management
  • Service properties extended
  • Drag and Drop support
  • Program interface updated

Exe To Service has the following unique features:

  • Converting executable files (exe format), batch files (.bat), VBScript (.vbs) and JScript (.js) files into services.
  • Controlling services from the program window: creating, installing, removing, starting, stopping, restarting, exporting services.
  • Exporting new and already existing services. That is, you can take, for example, an .exe application, convert it into a service and export it. This feature allows you to start such a service wherever you need it (on another PC).
  • Starting services without interaction with the desktop. Services will not visible to users in this mode.
  • Starting services according to a schedule.
  • Editing service properties.

Exe To Service Benefits

  • Run any executable, batch or script file as a full-featured Windows service
  • Get all benefits of the Windows service environment
  • Execute your application completely in background
  • Start, stop, restart, install or remove services at any time or by the schedule
  • Launch interactive or non-interactive services
  • Let your application start with Windows, with or without users logged on
  • Allow or restrict user interaction with your application
  • Run services with any context regardless of the user currently logged on
  • Configure security options to allow or prevent users from controlling your service
  • Control all services from a single place
  • Exporting new and already existing services. That is, you can take, for example, an .exe application, convert it into a service and export it.
  • Give your application full control over the system and overcome Vista User Account Control (UAC)

Computer Hardware

Minimum system requirements:

Processor 300 MHz processor or faster
Memory 256 MB of RAM
Hard disk free space 20 MB

Operating systems

Exe To Service is compatible with:

Operating SystemExe To Service
Windows 2000 Tick
Windows XP Tick
Windows 2003 Tick
Windows 2008 Tick
Windows Vista Tick
Windows 7 Tick

* all 32 & 64-bit editions

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