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Convert Scripts into Secured Executable Files

Make your BAT, VBS, JScript, WSF, WSH, and HTA scripts easy to run and secure to distribute by converting them into stand-alone Windows executables! Supporting a number of scripting and command-line languages.


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What's New?

The following unique new features are available in ExeScript version 3.0:

  • New script types - HTA (HTML Application), WSF, and WSH have been added.
  • Additional resource files - Include additional resource files in the final exe file.
  • Work Directory - Specify the folder for unpacking the script and resources.
  • Script Type - Specify the script type - window or console.
  • Command Line - Use the command line for running the script.
  • Change or Remove Icon - Select an icon from ICO, EXE, DLL, and other files containing icons and change or remove them from the final exe file.
  • Version Info - Add information about the developer and version of the final exe file.
  • Script encryption - Strong AES 256-bit encryption is now used. Modified information from the registration key of the user serves as an encryption key. If the program is unregistered, the key is "ExeScript". Thus, an exe file compiled with the trial version can be easily decrypted. Registration information from the copy of ExeScript the exe file was created in is required in the registered version.
  • Execution Type - (only for JS and VBS) The script is executed in computer memory without writing to the disk. Therefore, the security of the script is enhanced because it is impossible to see the contents.
  • Password-protected launch - You can set a password for running the script converted into an exe application. Since the contents of the script are encrypted with this password, the protection of the script is increased.
  • Executable compression - ExeScript compresses the executable file to make the exe application as small as possible.
  • Full support of Unicode.
  • New Interface - With a more comfortable and modern interface, dynamically switching between interface styles, you can quickly edit project settings using the toolbars.
  • New Editor - Supporting all modern technologies -
  • InteliSence - Hints for object elements
  • OutLine - Collapsing logically related parts of code (for example, functions and loops), syntax highlighting, undoing the last actions, etc.