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Make your BAT, VBS, JScript, WSF, WSH, and HTA scripts easy to run and secure to distribute by converting them into stand-alone Windows executables! Ever want to run a script, without giving away its source code? Try ExeScript Vbs to Exe, Bat to Exe converter!


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ExeScript converts Batch (.bat), VBScript (.vbs), JScript (.js), WSF (.wsf), WSH (.wsh), and HTA (.hta) scripts into protected, stand-alone Windows executable files. Supporting a variety of scripting languages, ExeScript produces extremely compact yet fully featured stand-alone applications that are easy to run and safe to distribute.

Convert BAT to exe, VBS to exe and produce stand-alone executable files that are easy to distribute.

Secure Distribution

Executable files produced by ExeScript are securely protected with industry-standard AES encryption, making it virtually impossible to extract the original script files from the executable. ExeScript never saves or extracts the original script files onto the hard disk during the execution. Instead, all information is securely kept in the computer's RAM, which makes it hard or impossible to obtain the source code from EXE files while they are running.

To protect your scripts against unauthorized use, ExeScript can set a password to run, making it impossible to launch a script without knowing the right password. Secure AES encryption and password-protection make converted BAT to exe, VBS to exe files secure for wide distribution.

Tiny Yet Fully Featured

Executable files produced by ExeScript are extremely compact with very little overhead. The famous 'Hello, world!' application only takes 19 KB of disk space. Despite the small size, converted BAT to exe, VBS to exe files produced by ExeScript are fully featured applications that accept command line parameters, and can be executed in graphical or console windows or in windowless 'silent' mode.

The silent mode allows automating common tasks and startup operations without having to deal with multiple windows popping up. It only takes a single click in the ExeScript menu to create a fully silent application!

Built-in Editor

ExeScript features a state-of-the-art script editor. The built-in editor supports all essential features such as search and replace, undo and redo, as well as many gimmicks such as IntelliSense, code wrapping, color syntax highlighting, and many more.

What Our Users Say

For the everyday Systems Administrator, ExeScript has proved invaluable to me for compiling scripts for Active Directory and network management. I have written some simple scripts to print barcode labels that have saved the company thousands of dollars. They think I am a programmer and the hero for saving them tons of money. ExeScript really makes me look good!
Brent Case
Media Review
Increase scripting power with ExeScript. ExeScript allows you to compile VBScript, .bat, and JavaScriptfiles; all tools that a network administrator might use to automate processes.
By Derek C. Schauland
  • Converts BAT, VBScript, JScript, WSF, WSH, and HTA scripts into Windows EXE files.
  • Supports Batch (.bat), VBScript (.vbs), JScript (.js), WSF (.wsf), WSH (.wsh), and HTA (.hta) formats.
  • Protects the original scripts with industry-standard AES encryption.
  • ExeScript provides outstanding protection to compiled bat to exe, vbs to exe files, and makes them impossible to decrypt.
  • Content of generated executables is hidden. The operations performed by converted files will remain secret.
  • Supports 'silent mode' - batch files execute invisibly, their launch can be invisible to other users.
  • Protects executable files with passwords to run.
  • Does not store the original script files on the hard disk even temporarily.
  • Produces executable files that accept command-line parameters.
  • Supports built-in resources such as author and version information, strings, and graphics.
  • Supports graphical and console windows as well as windowless mode (silent execution).
  • Silent mode execution allows automating common tasks without multiple windows popping up.
  • Produces light and compact executable files as small as 19 KB.
  • Features a built-in, state-of-the-art script editor with IntelliSense, color syntax highlights and code wrapping.

Computer Hardware

Minimum system requirements:

Processor 300 MHz processor or faster
Memory 256 MB of RAM
Hard disk free space 15 MB

Operating systems

ExeScript Converter is compatible with:

Operating SystemExeScript Converter
Windows 2000 Tick
Windows XP Tick
Windows 2003 Tick
Windows 2008 Tick
Windows Vista Tick
Windows 7 Tick
Windows 8 Tick

* all 32 & 64-bit editions

ExeScript ExeScript Editor
Powerful Script Editor Tick
Script Debugger Tick
Full Reference Included Tick
WMI Wizard Tick
Object Browser Tick
Scripting Samples Tick
Converts Scripts into EXE Files Tick Tick
Encrypted Executables Tick Tick
Script source code protected with AES encryption Tick Tick
Scripting Languages Supported Batch, VBScript, WSF, WSH, HTA, JScript, PowerShell Batch, VBScript, WSF, WSH, HTA, JScript, Object Rexx, PerlScript, Python, PowerShell, and many other languages
Optional Desktop Interaction Tick Tick
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